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If staff have any signs of illness they will be asked to self-isolate.

If you or anyone in your household is showing any symptoms of Covid19 we will respectfully ask you to postpone your stay.

Guests who develop symptoms while at Langcliffe Park should return home immediately and notify reception ASAP via telephone.

We ask you to advise us if you develop symptoms within 7 days of departing.

Note: It is not permitted to ‘self-isolate’ at Langcliffe Park under any circumstances.



Before opening, all staff will go through training in the new Covid-19 procedures, in line with government guidelines and our recent health and safety assessment.



Don’t be a space invader! 2 metre social distancing should still be observed wherever possible. If there are occasions, such as in the shower block where this not possible, please be respectful to others at all times. The Government has announced a ‘1 Metre plus’ option, but scientists say “spending six seconds at a distance of one metre from someone is the same as spending one minute at a distance of two metres.” Please maintain your distance wherever possible.



We have always had a very good reputation for cleanliness at Langcliffe Park. We are now building on our already high standards to be in line with government guidelines. This will include:

- Staff training in the new safe, intensive cleaning procedures

- Review of cleaning products to the most efficient in virus elimination

- Regular disinfecting of high traffic areas in reception and the shower block

- Removal of some unnecessary items in the reception, such as saleable items and leaflets

- Hand sanitiser stations in key locations around the park and reminders for regular hand washing

- To minimise contact in the shower toilet, those with their own toilet/shower facilities are encouraged to use them

- During busy times, high traffic areas in the shower block will be cleaned more frequently



While we are operating reception hours as normal, visits to reception should be kept to an absolute minimum. If you can, please phone reception with queries BEFORE your stay, or by using a mobile phone when on the park.

Screens have now been installed to protect customers and staff. A one-way system has been installed using directional signage. We will be operating a one-in, one-out policy, which we encourage you to adhere to. We will always be polite and courteous, but for everyone’s safety, please do not remain in the reception area longer than you need to.

Payment for your stay should be made before your visit via telephone or through the booking system.

There will be no shop facilities on the park for the moment. Most local shops are now open, but we recommend you bring you own bag of ‘essentials’, such as soap, hand gel and the like.



We are operating a one-in, one-out policy. Please read the signage and follow the instructions. Use hand sanitiser before and after using the laundry.



Our small play areas will be open. Hand sanitising stations will be available and customers are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly.



Dogs should be kept under control at all times and at a safe distance from other customers. The dog walking field will be open as usual.



Before your arrival we will send an email informing you of any recent additional information regarding health and hygiene on the park.

Signage and markings around the park will be in place to remind you of social distancing and hygiene procedures.



If you have any queries about our approach to Covid-19, please email We may require your continued patience for a while, but we will do everything we can to ensure you have an enjoyable stay.